RAI Amtrium, the latest flexible and sustainable conference, meeting and office space on the north side of RAI Amsterdam.

The RAI complex was designed for maximum flexibility and to accommodate all possible types of event, from those that take up the entire complex to events which only use part of the RAI. The ability to adapt is of the essence due to growing demands for locations where conference options can be combined with an exhibition and/or meeting rooms for activities such as break-out sessions or product presentations.

RAI Amsterdam already offered flexible facilities with the centrally located Auditorium and Elicium. The new conference and meeting space is a welcome addition, where Hall 1 (the largest hall of RAI Amsterdam) and the adjoining halls 4/5 are ideal for large-scale exhibitions. To complete this multi-functionality, the Amtrium also features a high-quality restaurant called THE ROAST ROOM. This two-storey restaurant is situated on the north side of the Amtrium and has its own entrance.

The Amtrium is a multifunctional building that acts as a new modern face of the RAI as seen from the city centre of Amsterdam.

Facts Amtrium


RAI - City Farming

A unique feature of the Amtrium is its vertical greenhouse for city farming, which can be used to grow crops for the company restaurant and a quality restaurant open to the public. Moreover, the greenhouse acts as an air filter in combination with the thermal storage. The sustainable use of materials, high-quality installations and the clustering of facilities make the Amtrium a prime example for a new generation of conference centres.

Distinctive rotisserie restaurant THE ROAST ROOM in RAI Amtrium.

New high-quality dining experience with on-site butcher’s shop makes for tasty addition to Amsterdam RAI. The elegant extension of the RAI Amtrium complex invites visitors to enjoy delicious cuts of meat, burgers, charcuteries and artisan sausages from its in-house butcher’s shop. This is located on the ground floor, which means people can watch the food being prepared. For its herbs and vegetables, THE ROAST ROOM  makes use of a large urban farming greenhouse, which is also located in the Amtrium.

Amtrium restaurant

One floor up from THE ROAST ROOM there is another multifunctional restaurant to be found. This restaurant can be used as a restaurant for your delegates during your event in the Amtrium. With a big outside terrace this place is a great place for a party or reception as well.

Amtrium Restaurant

Sustainable construction

To strengthen our position as a sustainable exhibition and conference centre, the new RAI Amsterdam building was constructed with the most sustainable techniques in order to obtain the BREEAM-NL excellent level. Managed by the Dutch Green Building Council (DGBC), BREEAM-NL is the Dutch hallmark for sustainability. In line with its requirements, the design of the Amtrium uses as many natural resources as possible for heating and cooling, including thermal storage and solar panels.

4-star BREEAM-NL certification

The RAI Amtrium design was awarded the 4-star BREEAM-NL New Design (Excellent) certificate in December 2013, making RAI Amsterdam the first conference building to meet these stringent criteria. BREEAM-NL is the evaluation method in the Netherlands for determining the sustainability performance of buildings. 
RAI Amtrium