Sustainable organisation and facilitation

Every day we work closely with organisers, exhibitors and suppliers to facilitate valuable meetings between people from around the world. Encounters that help both people and markets develop.

At the RAI we aim to create a sustainable environment that enables meetings now and in the future. In doing so we continue to surprise and enrich the world with valuable encounters that really matter.

Reducing our negative footprint and having a positive impact on the world is our focal point. The organisation and facilitation of sustainable
events is the gold standard for the RAI and its suppliers.

In concrete terms this means:

  • Zero waste: we see waste as material looking for a new destination.
  • Climate neutral: we do not wish to contribute to climate change and we aim to be CO2 neutral. Whenever we can influence the situation we want everything we use to be made (by ourselves if possible) in a sustainable way.
  • 100% Sustainable product range: we strive to offer sustainable products and services in our product range. 

Climate neutral

RAI Amsterdam aims for climate-neutral operations; our goal is to be CO2 neutral. Whenever we can influence the situation we want everything we use to be made (by ourselves if possible) in a sustainable way.

This starts with keeping consumption as low as possible and we constantly look for smart solutions to reduce our energy use. Examples include motion sensors, eco-friendly lighting and working with speed doors to reduce heating and cooling losses.

RAI Amsterdam only uses sustainable energy. We generate solar energy ourselves with the 1806 solar panels on our roof, while the remaining energy required is purchased as 100% green energy from
Nuon. This means that the electricity we use is entirely generated from sustainable sources.

We are nearing the zero line with regard to the use of natural gas as we have almost fully switched to district heating. This is a more sustainable energy source than natural gas, with the residual heat released from industrial processes, power generation and/or waste separation being utilised via the city grid. Any gas that we do require in addition to district heating is 100% green gas, fully compensated for via CO
2 certificates. RAI Amsterdam uses ClimateNeutral Gas from Nuon as we work towards climate-neutral operations and contribute to a better environment.


RAI Amsterdam actively strives for the development and growth of the people and communities with whom our business comes into contact. As an employer we aim to actively and visibly contribute to the wellbeing and welfare of current and future staff. This is why the RAI has a sustainable HR policy focused on the wellbeing, vitality and lifestyle of all employees.


At the same time, we also invest in the local community as an employer. We are focused on providing social returns in relation to issues such as:

  • The role of RAI Amsterdam as a reintegration company
  • The role of RAI Amsterdam as a certified apprenticeship company
  • Helping people with limited access to the labour market
  • Reducing youth unemployment

The RAI has a total of around 400 employees. In addition, we aim for a permanent core and flexible team of first-class temps. Numbering some 4,000 a year, these employees play an essential role due to the dynamic nature of our services. They are employed via partnerships with temp agencies In Person and TSC Crowd Management, and we work closely together to help people perform to the best of their abilities. Within this framework the RAI is open to everyone and has a permanent focus on quality, continuity and attention to individual needs. 


RAI _ _ Top Employer


RAI Amsterdam is easily accessible in a quick and sustainable way. Clean, fast and easy transport to and from the RAI is available to everyone. 

With our own train station, tram and metro stop, the RAI is very easy to reach by public transport from anywhere in the Netherlands. Moreover, all the public transport in and around Amsterdam uses green energy. The RAI is a mere 10-minute train ride from Schiphol, Amsterdam’s sustainable airport. 

For the active visitors to the RAI we have bicycle parking options and are developing charging stations for e-bikes. RAI Amsterdam stimulates and facilitates electric driving too and started offering various charging stations for electric cars several years ago. We now have a total of 30 stations divided over the P1, P4 and P7 garages.


For our guests we have an agreement with Taxi Electric, a company which only drives electrically powered taxis and therefore generates less CO2 emissions and fine particles. An added benefit of Taxi Electric is its social policy of actively recruiting drivers among people aged 50 or over. 


Some 30% of the hotels offered by RAI Hotel Services are Green Key certified. Green Key is the international eco-label for sustainable companies in the recreational and leisure industry and business market. Companies with a Green Key certificate work hard to reduce their impact on the environment without compromising on the comfort and quality of their guests.


These hotels also go beyond what is required by normal laws and regulations. For example, a Green Key hotel is constantly striving to save water and energy. This may involve the use of solar panels, energy-saving lamps, light sensors and timers for air conditioning and heating. They also minimise laundry and use sustainable detergents. Extra attention is not only paid to comfort levels but also the status of nature and the environment.


To be eligible for Green Key certification, companies have to take many measures related to environmental care and CSR, both obligatory and optional. Green Key Netherlands has three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. The more optional measures a company takes, the higher the eventual results. Of the 46 hotels with a Green Key certificate in the RAI hotel portfolio, 41 hotels have achieved Gold level status.