Connect your event

You can choose between our standard “RAI Wi-Fi” network and custom solutions. We are happy to advise you in your decision. 

Standard network
‘RAI Wi-Fi’, our standard network in the conference centre and organiser’s offices. This network supports basic internet use, such as email, surfing and social media. 
In addition, your visitors have the option of using RAI Premium Wi-Fi for a fee. This Premium network uses higher bandwidths to play movies and music, for example.
If you want to offer your exhibitors and visitors more possibilities, we are happy to advise you on custom solutions.

"RAI Wi-Fi" locations

  • Forum Centre
  • E meeting rooms
  • F meeting rooms & Jade Lounge
  • Auditorium Centre
  • G meeting rooms
  • Elicium Ballroom
  • D meeting rooms
  • Amtrium 
  • L meeting rooms
  • Various organiser offices

Not available in the halls and entrance areas.

Custom solutions

We like to offer you a “dedicated” network. With this network you can download large files and support interactive sessions, workshops and voting. Curious about the possibilities? Please ask your account manager for more information (+31 20 549 12 62).