Providing quality is a high priority for RAI Amsterdam. 
In order to optimise the quality of its hospitality, The RAI has managed to increase its efficiency with regard to permit procedures. This has resulted in a unique cooperation between RAI Amsterdam and the Municipality of Amsterdam. RAI Amsterdam is the first private company in the Netherlands to be allowed to regulate and maintain event-related permits in a number of fields. This has made permit procedures much more simple and faster. This stimulates the RAI’s service provision and makes participating in events at RAI Amsterdam even more appealing. The necessary event-related permits can be applied for through your contact at  RAI Amsterdam.

RAI Amsterdam holds the following permits:

  •     event permit
  •     permission to place objects in public spaces
  •     waiver to hand out fliers/for sampling
  •     permission for stand and grandstand
  •     permission to poster and paint
  •     donation collection
  •     declaration of no objection to the raising of moored balloons (outdoors)
  •     permit for lotteries
  •     permit for a barrel organ
  •     animals at a stand permit
  •     permit for water features at a stand