Media Solutions

We can help you find the ideal media solutions to achieve your objectives such as billboards, flags, staircase stickers, etc.

Digital, interactive narrowcasting medium
RAI Live is our comprehensive marketing solution that allows you to broadcast highly interactive messages to your visitors. It provides visitors dynamic and customised information on the screens in all our exhibition halls and the congress centre. It gives you the opportunity to get your message across at the right moment, at the right location and to the right target group. 500 digital screens throughout the entire exhibition and convention complex can transmit targeted messages at any desired time and on any desired screen.

RAI Live! offers various options, namely:

  1. Congress signage / look and feel
  2. Conference program on content screen / commercials / infotainment
  3. Programming daily congress schedule next to the meeting rooms
  4. LED-wall
  5. Projectors entrance C
  6. Flexible icons