In the field of logistic services, RAI Amsterdam cooperates closely with her inhouse logistic partner.

Exhibition and event logistics are their core activities. They provide both the internal and external transport, goods storage as well as the loading/unloading of trucks. All administrative customs tasks pertaining to importing and exporting goods can be left to them. They are always ready to ensure that your goods arrive at the right place and always handle everything with great professionalism and care.


Internal transport

International freight forwarding company has a permanent office at RAI Amsterdam staffed by a team of logistics specialists. Transport services can be planned and carried out 24/7. The logistics office is not only staffed during set up and take down, but also during events. The company provides flexible solutions for unplanned logistics wishes and guarantees the best possible service to individual participants.


Storage on location

RAI Amsterdam has two main storage facilities (at the Holland and Europe Complexes) with a total surface of 1,442 m². Furthermore, the logistics team can create temporary storage facilities by setting up ad hoc buildings or creating secure areas (locked areas).


Loading and unloading

Our staff, all equiped with the necessary knowledge, diplomas and certificates, provide these services using a wide range of modern lifting equipment. All of which meets the latest environmental requirements. A number of forklift trucks is on site permanently but cranes have to be ordered in advance.


Traffic management

During the busy set up and take down periods, the RAI creates buffer zones for trucks. Traffic controllers ensure the best possible usage of the limited space on the work terraces. When space opens up on a work terrace, they call up trucks from the buffer zone and ensure the latter do not stay there longer than necessary. The logistics team is involved in this service so that trucks can unload and load on time.


Arranging customs clearance

If you have to engage in customs formalities, these can be facilitated by RAI Amsterdam using her logistics partner customs license and customs warehouse. The processing of goods at the customs warehouse by the RAI takes approximately one hour and goods can be permanently or temporarily cleared. Customs duties and tax are due for permanent clearing. Temporary import is customs duties and tax-free if the logistics partner customs warehouse is used on condition that the goods are re-exported from the customs warehouse.The clearing of air and maritime freight can also be arranged at the point of entry to the Netherlands: Schiphol Airport or the port of Rotterdam. Clearance generally takes some four to six hours at the airport and one to two days at the port.


Transport in the Netherlands

The logistics team plans and coordinates the transport of incoming and outgoing maritime and air freight. Brokers at Schiphol and the port of Rotterdam arrange matters on site.


International freight

The logistics team can arrange the transport of exhibition pieces to the Netherlands from around the world and their return journey at the end of the event. This is handled by a specialised network of brokers who specialise in exhibition freight forwarding. As a member of the I.E.L.A., the inhouse logistics partner provides global freight services.