Zero waste

Together with our waste processing partner Beelen we aim for 100% waste recycling and zero waste. To us, waste is material looking for a new destination and we try to recycle waste as much as possible. From waste into art, clothing or (bio)fuel, for example. We involve the entire chain to inspire as many people as possible to reduce, reuse and recycle waste. Waste is collected in innovative ways to ensure that it does not need to leave the RAI’s premises.

Our waste processing partner Beelen develops a plan of approach behind the scenes of each event, analysing what happens to your waste streams at every stage (setup, outfitting, the event itself, breakdown). This enables a better management of the waste process and minimises the waste processing time for your event. 

Waste management during setup, the event itself and breakdown is based on a 100% recycling of waste, with everyone paying for their own waste.


Exhibitors receive support and advice in the removal of their waste. This means you pay less for ‘undesignated’ waste. In addition to the fact that separation benefits the environment and enables 100% recycling, it also offers cost benefits as residual waste is the most expensive type of waste. Separating waste reduces costs for you and your exhibitors.

How do I benefit from waste management?

By making an effort as an organiser and helping us separate waste, you help ensure that waste streams end up in the right place. This saves you time during setup and breakdown, results in better separation and designation, and ultimately leads to lower costs.