Organise safe events

We are ready!

At RAI Amsterdam, we regularly make adjustments to our protocol, guidelines and security measures for a safe and hospitable RAI. The protocol as drawn up in 2020 due to the relaxation, implemented as of 25 September 2021, has been renewed on a large number of points.

The most important updates

The wearing of a face mask, social distancing measure and restrictions to the number of visitors to an event have been lifted. The rule that now has the most impact is the use of a corona entry pass to gain access to an event. We have written an access policy for this, which can be found in the visitor information.

Practical information

In addition, there are practical points, such as guaranteeing hygiene guidelines, safe construction and dismantling of events and regulating visitor flows. All these adjustments are aimed at protecting the health and safety of all involved. More information can be found below.

Access Policy

The access policy applies to everyone who is at the event, during the event. In the current situation, two types of events apply: with 'a flow through of visitors', such as at trade fairs, and with fixed seating, such as at conferences. In both cases, a corona entry pass is used to gain access to an event. For this we use the EU Digital Covid Certificate (DCC). You will receive this digital certificate if you have a valid negative Covid test, have been fully vaccinated or have recovered from Covid-19. The CoronaCheck-app used in the Netherlands to show the DCC. A valid paper version is also accepted. This also applies to visitors from countries outside Europe where a certificate other than the DCC is used.


* Valid paper proof of full vaccination, Covid test or recovery from Covid-19 is also accepted. A vaccination registration card (intended for your own administration) or 'yellow booklet' (form of vaccination passport) are not valid documents. For events with a flow of visitors, the use of a corona entry pass is only mandatory if additional activities also take place for which it is required. For example, catering activities and seated parts of the programme such as at a conference.