Welcome suppliers of RAI Amsterdam

RAI Amsterdam creates perfect conditions for powerful meetings. These perfect conditions are created with the help of our suppliers.
RAI Amsterdam and her (preferred) suppliers make it possible to facilitate and organize more than 50 international conferences, 70 (trade) fairs, events and more than thousand conferences, presentations and meetings.
On this platform suppliers can find information which will optimize the partnership between RAI Amsterdam and its suppliers.
In short, are you a supplier of RAI Amsterdam? Navigate through this page to find all the information you need.

About this supplier portal


Delivering a product or service at RAI Amsterdam ?!
Read the 'Need to know'.

On the 'need to know' page you will find relevant information which you need when you want to deliver your service or product. For exemple, if you want to enter RAI Amsterdam you need to have a badge. On the need to know you can directly request a badge. Other items on this page are work permits, important numers and maps.  

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Rules and regulations for RAI suppliers

There are specific conditions, regulations, standard contracts for suppliers of RAI Amsterdam. These rules and regulations are leading in the convention centre of RAI Amsterdam. 

Wondering which rules and regulations apply for suppliers?
Read the rules and regulations for RAI suppliers.


Catering at RAI Amsterdam

RAI Amsterdam can provide food and drinks during an event but also during the construction and dismantling. You can send your request to or call Exhibitor Services on 020 549 1928



Preferred Suppliers of RAI Amsterdam

RAI Amsterdam carefully selected suppliers for delivering products and services which are (daily) necessary within the RAI complex. These preferred suppliers are trustworthy and can meet the RAI conditions.

With our preferred suppliers we can make a succes of every event!   

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