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You can make payments in the webshop via iDEAL, PayPal or credit card.

An automatically generated invoice will be sent to the e-mail address provided a day after you place your order.

The closing date of the webshop is indicated on the left side of the webshop homepage. All items can be ordered from the webshop until the indicated date.

No, once the webshop is closed you can no longer place orders. Go instead to the Event Desk at the event location from the first setup day onwards.

Yes, until the webshop closes. After that you can go to the Event Desk at the event location from the first setup day. Whether electricity can still be installed at your stand depends on the situation.

The early-bird discount applies to rigging, electricity, internet, hosts/hostesses and security.

More information about the items can be found by clicking on the images.


A car park ticket allows you to exit the garage once; a subscription allows you to exit the parking garage on an unlimited number of times during the exhibition.

This notification indicates that the car park tickets are sold out. Contact the Exhibitor Services department via

During the setup and breakdown days you can (un)load free of charge via the loading platforms of RAI Amsterdam. More information about (un)loading is provided in the webshop under ‘Access’ > ‘Parking’.

Shell scheme stand construction

For the exact dimensions of the wall panels, contact the Exhibitor Services department via

The spots are always installed on the back of the fascia board (the company name on your stand).

All available extras can be ordered in the webshop under ‘Your stand’ > ‘Stand construction’.

Yes, you can place posters and other images on the wall panels. Please do not drill or use screws as the panels must not be damaged. To attach posters or other images use double-sided tape which can easily be removed after the exhibition has ended.

Furniture & carpet

The furniture is usually delivered on the final setup day. If you would like an earlier delivery time contact the Exhibitor Services department via

The furniture price is the rental price for the entire exhibition period. You can leave the furniture at the stand after the exhibition has ended and our supplier will pick it up during the breakdown period.

You can order carpet tiles from the webshop. They are rented for the entire exhibition period and available in various colours. If you are interested in different types of carpet (e.g., needle felt carpeting or luxury carpeting) or padding, contact the Exhibitor Services department via

Host - hostesses

Download a request form under ‘Staff’ > ‘Hostess’ and send it to The request form is compulsory and no proposal will be provided without it. After receiving the request we will draw up a proposal, which you can approve by signing and returning to us by e-mail. After we have received the signed proposal, we’ll send you an order confirmation by e-mail.

No, it isn’t possible to choose specific hosts or hostesses. The host or hostess booked for your stand is selected based on your requirements. Specific wishes, such as experience or appearance, can be indicated on the request form.

Cleaning & waste removal

Basic cleaning covers vacuuming and cleaning of the horizontal surfaces at the stand. All-inclusive stand cleaning involves vacuuming, mopping and cleaning of all the horizontal and vertical surfaces.

To change delivery times, send an e-mail to Exhibitor Services indicating the order number and desired date and delivery time.

Notify the employees wearing red bodywarmers who can arrange a new container if necessary. Each new container comes at a fee.

Electricity & water

kW stands for kiloWatt (1000 Watt). The number of kW you order represents the maximum electricity consumption. CEE is related to the standard of the electricity connections, which are all in accordance with European guidelines and carry the CEE stamp. The amount of amperes determines the scope of the connection.

We recommend adding up the consumption of all the electrical equipment to be used at your stand. You can also find a PDF file with the consumption of common electrical appliances at stands under ‘Your stand’ > ‘Supplies’ in the webshop. Having trouble figuring it out? The Exhibitor Services departments is always available for advice.

Day power is only active during the opening hours of the exhibition; continuous power is available 24 hours a day. The latter can only be ordered after ordering a day power connection.

Yes, this comes at a cost. You can order build-up and breakdown power under ‘‘Your stand’ > ‘Supplies’ > Build-up and breakdown power’.

Our plumbers will be available on the exhibition floor to (dis)connect the connections. The price of the water connections includes installation and disconnection.

Computers & Internet

Kbps and Mbps indicate the bandwidth of the internet connection in Kilobit (Kbps) and in Megabit (Mbps) per second.

The up- and download speed is synchronous and is equal to the ordered bandwidth. For example: a 1Mbps internet connection has an up- and download speed of 1Mbps.

Audio & Video

As the ordered screen will be delivered with a floor stand it will be at eye level.

You can opt for a wall bracket instead of a floor stand. You will be responsible for installing the wall bracket. Please note: wall brackets may not be connected to the walls of shell scheme stands.


You can indicate this in your order via the webshop. Delivery is available from the first exhibition day up to and including the last exhibition day.

Only on the final setup day. You can place your order via the webshop and indicate the desired delivery times by sending an e-mail to Exhibitor Services (

RAI Amsterdam Catering is the exclusive caterer for RAI Amsterdam and you are not allowed to bring your own catering. For questions, please contact the Exhibitor Services department via

Security & licenses

You can download the request form under Staff’ > ‘Stand security’, indicating the desired times and your contact details. Send the request form to
A proposal will be drawn up after the request form has been received. After you return the signed proposal, the order is placed and we’ll send you a confirmation via e-mail.

For more information about the available licences, contact the Quality, Health & Safety and Environment department via

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Normally, you will be redirected to the RAI Amsterdam webshop. If you have to log in again this means your company has not been registered in our system. Contact the Exhibitor Services department via Exhibitor Services to add your company.