The ROI of your exhibition participation


What’s in it for me?

This is a question we often ask ourselves when it comes to taking part in an exhibition. And it’s a fair question, one which can be clearly answered with a little effort. In this whitepaper we’ll tell how you can work out what an event will deliver while increasing returns in the process…

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Trend reports

Customer journey exhibitors

How to increase the impact of your participation?
Experiences in the marketing mix is a necessity. One-on-one meetings with potential customers and relations are becoming increasingly important for organisations looking to really connect with their target group. Events represent a crucial platform for this.

The visitors journey

How do you make sure you carefully arranged event does exactly does what it was designed for. How do you create the best possible event for visitors? Step into the shoes of your visitors and walk with them.

No shine without friction

These are interesting times, to say the least. How are these global and local changes impacting the exhibition, congress, meeting and experience marketing industry? Where’s the friction?

Connected society

We believe in the power of connecting. In this era of smart and mobile devices getting connected is fast and easy. Technology makes it possible to connect everybody and everything - all the time.

Future Proof

By 2017, events will have changed as people’s needs and the way they connect change. An event is about more than bringing people together at a specific time in a given physical place.

Generation X and Y

Transparency, honest information and a sense of exclusivity? Or co-creation and knowledge sharing? The event industry is rapidly changing. We have carefully studied the wishes of the future generations.