RAI Amsterdam has her own in house logistic partner DB Schenker.


Organising your participation in an event involves a lot of aspects including the logistics pertaining to your stand. How do you get your items to RAI Amsterdam and then into your stand? Where are you allowed and able to load and unload? And above all, do you need a permit for your stand or for the activities you will be organising there?

The RAI cooperates with international freight forwarder DB Schenker for the logistics processing of goods.

Delivery times

If you have your goods shipped to the RAI, they will end up with our logistic partner. They will take care of your goods and deliver them to your stand. Delivery times depend on the trade fair. Your goods will be delivered to your stand at the time agreed in consultation with DB Schenker.



RAI Amsterdam is located adjacent to the A10 ring road. This makes the RAI very accessible by car. However, this also means there is a great deal of traffic around the building. It is, therefore, not always possible for trucks to head straight to the special loading and unloading areas.

During the busy set up and take down periods, the RAI creates buffer zones for trucks. Traffic controllers ensure the best possible usage of the limited space on the work terraces. When space opens up on a work terrace, they call up trucks from the buffer zone and ensure the former do not stay there longer than necessary. A logistic team is involved in this service to help you unload and load, using modern forklift trucks. This service can be booked through RAI Amsterdam Exhibitor Services.

Arrange customs clearing

If you have to engage in customs formalities these can be facilitated by RAI Amsterdam using the customs license and entrepot of DB Schenker. The processing of goods at the entrepot by the RAI takes approximately one hour and goods can be permanently or temporarily cleared. Customs duties and tax are due for permanent clearing. Temporary import is customs duties and tax-free if the DB Schenker entrepot is used on condition that the goods are re-exported from the entrepot.

The clearing of air and maritime freight can also be arranged at the point of entry to the Netherlands: Schiphol Airport or the port of Rotterdam. Clearance at the generally takes some four to six hours at the airport and one to two days at the port.