You are expecting a freight delivery at the RAI

On this page you can find our Traffic Regulations, these are created per event.
Specific traffic regulations are generated for approximately 50 (big) events per year, these traffic regulations apply on all events that take place during that period. These regulations will be available 1 month prior to the beginning of the event.

On this page you can also find our openings hours, build-up and dismantling hours, the best place to park, where to (un)load and the maximum time estimation for (un)loading.

It is important to take in consideration that information can be changed due to external circumstances.
When this is applicable to you the changed information will be given by the traffic attendants on site. The information/directions of these traffic attendants on site are leading.

RAI parking facilities are accessible for vehicles up until 1.90m high, without registration.
RAI parking facility 4 is accessible for vehicles up until 2.70m high, without registration.
RAI (un)loading area are accessible for vehicles without registration or extern buffer.
Access after registration at external buffer.
Route P20 »
Only access for vehicles with help from RAI logistic partner. No access for self-(un)loaders.
No access to RAI (un)loading area.

NEW: RAI Amsterdam uses buffer area P20 until needed, please watch the route 14 signs on the road.

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Route P20

Route P20