The society / region

Stimulating sustainable development

The events that take place at the RAI generate turnover in the city. We are also making efforts on other fronts to increase the well-being of the city and society.

Social matchmaking
We connect social questions and needs to appropriate solutions that arise through our business operations. With this we find opportunities to add value to the business (unused) to social value. We call this social matchmaking. We do this in three ways:

Event-related initiatives

An event is the place to draw attention to social challenges within the sector or community of the event. For each event we look for possibilities to link these to social initiatives, appropriate to the challenges that the event in question poses. Some examples of this are: METSTRADE, Interclean and ISE with the Emma Children's Hospital. In addition, we explore the possibilities for organising a donation program for each event, in which we link the needs of affiliated social initiatives in our region to leftover materials and / or products.

Sustainable social RAIlations

We actively invest in partnerships with a sustainable character. For example, we work together with the ROC of Amsterdam. Urban Sport Trainer students use vacant spaces and parking garages at the RAI. HeenenWeer Foundation makes grateful use of a previously unused corner in one of our parking garages from which this foundation provides mobility in the neighbourhood organises for people with walking difficulties. We connect continuously recurring residual flows to parties who can use them properly. From connecting return flows of food to the Salvation Army to magazines from our employees for Vivium Torendael.

Project-related requests for help

From the local repurposing of replaced RAI furniture, IT equipment and decoration to the repurposing of leftover stocks. When the situation arises that something in the RAI is no longer needed, we check whether social initiatives from our region are helped by this and we look for the connection. We are also open to requests for help from social initiatives in the region. Depending on the demand, we help with our expertise, facilities, network, materials or products. RAI offers space that is not commercially let free of charge to social institutions that can use it well. For example, we helped build a theater for Torendael, a residential centre for people with dementia.


Social initiatives that want to explore the possibilities of collaboration with the RAI can contact the CSR department.