The organisation

Everyone within the RAI is challenged to do their work in a socially responsible manner. We offer employees the opportunity to deploy their knowledge, expertise, time and skills for society in addition to their formal duties. The RAI pursues a socially responsible and sustainable HR policy aimed at inclusivity, well-being, vitality and a healthy lifestyle for employees.

Social Return for the city of Amsterdam

The responsible and sustainable HR policy is reflected, among other things, in the creation of more social return for the city of Amsterdam. We participate in various initiatives aimed at offering more opportunities for unemployed youth (Work Agreement in the context of the Approach to Youth Unemployment) and for people at a distance from the labor market. The RAI's Social Matchmaking program also increases the RAI's social added value. We purchase local and fair trade ingredients from the 'Heartwarming Amsterdam' program. And based on our 2030 vision, we will transform the RAI into an attractive meeting place for everyone.

House of Hospitality

In collaboration with the ROC of Amsterdam, we have started a hybrid learning environment to jointly guarantee a high-quality standard in hospitality. In co-creation, we worked on setting up a two-year course (BBL) at level 2 in the field of Food & Beverage. The RAI has chosen to offer this training to new status holders.

Tackle youth unemployment

We increase the opportunities for young people with the deployment and training of approximately 300 recurring flex workers. They participate in catering training courses or obtain a traffic controller diploma. Every year, approximately 300 students from different study programs visit us to form an idea of a possible work environment (internships). There are on average two to three guided tours per month. Via the internal internship office, we annually place approximately 100 interns of HBO and MBO level and in the forms BBL, BOL and Dual. The interns receive training, for example in the areas of job application, personal branding, time management and office skills. We have also started a collaboration with the Kracht van Zuid, an organisation that helps young people between 10 and 23 years old from Amsterdam South with their question, dream or talent.

Vitality program for employees

We like to promote the vitality of our employees, so that they feel fit, energetic and vital. Under the heading RAI Vital, tools, workshops and actions are offered that help employees in the field of health and fitness, stress and absenteeism prevention, job satisfaction & work / private life balance.