Coronavirus and RAI Amsterdam

We are open!

RAI Amsterdam follows the Dutch government’s regulations and guidelines so we can organise and facilitate events in a safe way.


Sectoral approach government


To be ready for a possible Covid-19 revival, the government has worked on plans per sector together with the different industries. Based on their own knowledge and experience, the various sectors have indicated which measures can work best and when. These can be preventive measures to inhibit the spread of the virus or more radical intervention measures to stop widespread contaminations.


Measurement ladders

The plans of the industries have been examined and compared by experts and the government. The result has been translated by the government into measurement ladders. These provide an overview per sector of the basic to more serious measures that sectors can take if necessary.


Corona dashboard

At risk level as recorded in the Corona dashboard:

  • 'low' are the basic measures are advised
  • 'increased' preventive measures are advised
  • 'high' intervention measures are advised
  • 'very high' emergency measures will come into effect

Measurements event industry

A sectoral approach has also been written for the event industry, including a ladder of measures. This approach forms the basis to take preventive measures and is the starting point for the government when taking any further measures.

Every two weeks, the government updates the Corona dashboard on how the virus is doing in the Netherlands. With this information, the government can decide whether more or fewer measures are needed to slow down the spread of the virus.


November 2022

At the moment, the level of the Corona thermometer is 'low'. This means that in addition to the basic measures below, no additional measures are needed.


Basic measures

These are the basic measures:

  • Wash your hands often
  • Cough and sneeze into your elbow
  • If you have complaints, stay at home and do a self-test
  • Provide plenty of fresh air