​‘Creating a great environment to meet’ is the name of RAI Amsterdam’s approach as it aims to be a leader in the field of sustainability within Europe’s conference and events industry over the next five years. Sustainability is of the essence to RAI Amsterdam. Its ambitious strategy to create an environmentally friendly environment for successful meetings dates back to 2008. And the past year has seen a re-evaluation of the company’s CSR policy and the setting of ambitious new CSR goals for the next five years.

Sustainability report 2013

The new approach, the results achieved so far, and the challenges and opportunities for improvement are laid out in the sixth edition of RAI Amsterdam’s sustainability report

RAI Amsterdam is proud of the awards it has received, which confirm our leadership in this area. They include the four-star BREEAM-NL New Construction Certificate for the new RAI Amtrium building and three gold awards for sustainability: EarthCheck Gold, Green Key Gold and AIPC Gold. These certificates recognise our efforts in the sector and the fruit of listening to feedback from our stakeholders. We aim to create value for them in a sustainable manner while making our sustainability policy even more relevant and visible.

A crown achievement for our commitment since 2007 was reaching a recycling rate of one hundred percent in 2013. This crucial milestone allows us to emphasise our leading position in Europe’s conference and events industry.

The ‘Creating a great environment to meet’ approach comprises three focus areas:

  • Improving wellbeing – creating social added value for internal and external stakeholders.
  • Reducing environmental impact – organising events with the lowest possible effect on the environment.
  • Empowering communities - organising and facilitating events that help connect and inspire people.

These three pillars also provide the basis for the deployment and realisation of fifteen diverse fields of sustainable initiatives.


The sustainability report was made together with Dipped in Green Communication and formulated in accordance with the guidelines of the GRI B (Global Reporting Initiative).

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