What will the drinking water supply networks be in the future? Step into the future where the incredible value of sensors and data will be unravelled

2 Nov thru 2 Nov 2017

At this symposium, the Smart Water for Europe project (SW4EU), co-funded by the EU, will present its results as well as best practices on leak detection, water quality and customer interaction.
The results of the SW4EU project are translated into impactful case studies for smart water supply networks. By combining data and experience from four sites in different circumstances across Europe, the initiative enables forward thinking and knowledge gathering about smart water on an unprecedented scale. An approach that empowers water utilities to be proactive, ensure water quality, enhance leak detection and improve asset management. This provides new insights that could save European water operators an estimated 3 billion euros and global water operators an estimated 10 billion euros a year.

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Ster in Uitvoering B.V.
€ 350 excluding VAT

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2017-11-02 10:00 - 18:00

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